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Is a Heat Pump a Wise Investment?


Every HVAC system has its pros and cons. There is really no such thing as one truly “perfect” system. Surely, though, there is one which is a great fit for your home, your usage habits, and your user preferences. Many homeowners find that the heat pump suits their demands perfectly, or as near to it as they can get. While the heat pump may not be the household name that a central air conditioner is, this type of system has really caught on recently. If you think that using a heat pump in Tampa, FL may be right for your home, contact a member of our team today. You can count on IERNA’s Heating & Cooling to install and service your heat pump properly every step of the way.

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How a Heat Pump Works

You cannot decide if a heat pump is the right fit for your home if you do not have a good understanding of how a heat pump operates. The system is quite simple, really; at least, simple in theory. During the summer season, the heat pump essentially acts just like a traditional split central air conditioning system. It uses refrigerant in order to absorb heat from the air in a home, and this heat is then vented outside. The resulting cool air is then simply redistributed throughout the house. However, it is during the winter season that the heat pump really sets itself apart. When the heating season arrives, the heat pump’s operation is reversed. It uses ambient heat in the air outside in order to warm interior spaces, such as homes. The warm refrigerant is further compressed, and the thermal energy is used to heat the air in the house.

Why Invest in a Heat Pump?

To answer the initial question posed, yes, a heat pump is a good investment. Heat pumps are very effective air conditioning systems, and they offer the benefit of year-round comfort. Not only are they capable of heating a home using just a small amount of electricity in the process, allowing for very efficient heating, but they are perfectly suited to our very mild winter weather. We don’t have subzero temperatures which can overwhelm the system, after all. Contact us today to schedule professional heat pump services with a qualified technician.