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Going Ductless? What You Should Know

Going Ductless? What You Should Know

If you already have a ductless system installed in your home, then you know it has a number of great benefits—improved efficiency, versatility, effective cooling and heating capabilities—but you also should know that proper installation is key to the functionality of this system.

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If you don’t already have a ductless system in your home, then before you get one you should be aware that professional installation, following by proper maintenance, is the best way to avoid problems—troubles that are unique to ductless systems.  

We’re not saying this to talk you out of going ductless by any means—but rather to show you the importance of professional services from highly-trained technicians for quality ductless operation. Here are a few things you should know could happen to your ductless system if you’re not careful.

Water Leaks Can Form Behind Air Handlers

Each of the wall-mounted indoor air handlers connected to the outdoor unit of your ductless cooling and heating system has a series of connections routed through a hole behind it—a power line, a refrigerant line, and a condensate line. This last one removes water moisture from the cooling process so that moisture doesn’t enter your living space.

These lines can leak, though. If this happens, water starts to develop between the back of the air handler and the wall. What happens from there is eventually the weakening of the wall material causes the air handler to rip away and fall. This, of course, damages the wall, and then can also damage the air handler that falls. If you notice any sign of water damage around one of your air handlers, it’s a good idea to call for repairs before it has the chance to get any worse.

Air Handlers Can Break

Like we mentioned above, an air handler that falls off of a wall can, of course, break. An air handler can also experience an age-related problem, particularly if it hasn’t been well-maintained. Fortunately, there is somewhat of a benefit here. If a single air handler breaks because of something such as a failed motor or some other problem, the rest of the air handlers throughout the home will still work.

The only part of your home that loses heating or cooling is the one with the broken air handler. When just one unit stops functioning, you can go ahead and call for repairs, but in the meantime you can hang out in a room with a working air handler to stay comfortable.

Refrigerant Lines Can Leak

Refrigerant loss can happen with any refrigerant-based cooling system—that part is not unique. However, there is a higher risk involved when it comes to your ductless system, since there are more refrigerant lines running to the various air handlers, which are mounted up high on the wall.

If you see any liquid leaking from an air handler, it’s best to call for repairs right away and shut off that air handler. It’s also important to be aware of signs that you have a refrigerant leak, even if you don’t visibly notice it. This includes things like a drop in heating or cooling power, the coils icing over in the air handler, and/or a hissing noise coming from the system. Refrigerant loss is something that should be repairs right away, or else your system could breakdown and cease functioning.

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