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How Does Ductwork Affect Air Conditioner Performance?

Monday, June 18th, 2018

technician cleaning out ductworkThe better question may be, how does it benefit air conditioner performance?

Many homeowners don’t know this, but the excessive buildup of dirt and debris in the average home’s ductwork can interfere with the overall performance of both air conditioning and heating systems. And with your ducts hidden from view, you probably don’t think about them very much, if at all. When you invest in a thorough duct cleaning in Tampa from trained and experienced professionals, you can count on better HVAC performance overall.

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When Choosing a New AC, Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Monday, June 4th, 2018

top view of an outside AC unitIs this the spring you’ve discovered that your home’s current air conditioner is no longer up to the job of keeping your household comfortable throughout the rest of the cooling season? If you’ve come to this conclusion but haven’t yet made a decision on what air conditioning installation to go with, the time is now—but we discourage you from rushing out and buying the first air conditioner you can find!

The reason we don’t encourage this is that too many homeowners go out and buy the biggest air conditioner they can find that matches their budget, not realizing that bigger isn’t always better, and they could actually be doing more harm than good to their cooling system and energy costs. Remember, it takes a skilled and educated HVAC professional to install a new air conditioner. You need a contractor that understands important factors, like the right air conditioner tonnage.

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