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Why Upgrade My Thermostat?

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Homeowners today expect to live in a certain amount of comfort, but many fail to realize just how major an impact various factors can have on their ability to do so. Your thermostat, for instance, may be limiting the success with which you heat and cool your home in ways that you are not even aware of. Simply upgrading your existing thermostat can have a seriously positive influence on your heating and cooling experience. Of course, you must know for sure that you are investing in the right thermostat in Tampa, FL for your needs and personal user preferences. That is why you should schedule your thermostat services with IERNA’s Heating & Cooling.

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Is This the Year for a Heating Replacement?

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

“Winter weather” may be a somewhat relative term, especially for those of us living here in the sunshine state. As intensely hot as it can be around here for much of the year, though, you’ve likely noticed that our weather is shifting into a decidedly cooler direction. Before long, nighttime temperatures will consistently be dipping into the 50’s. While you may enjoy busting out a heavier comforter than usual, you should also know for certain that you have a good heater in place so that you can make it through the chilliest time of the year comfortably. If you suspect that this is the year for a heating replacement in Tampa, FL, give a member of our staff a call today. IERNA’s Heating & Cooling is happy to help. 

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Is It Too Early to Schedule Heating Maintenance?

Monday, November 16th, 2015

While we do not use our heaters nearly as much as we do our air conditioners in this part of the country, residents know that uncomfortably cool temperatures are something that we do have to deal with during our, albeit brief, heating season. While our current daytime temperatures are certainly still high enough to warrant the use of our air conditioners, it is dipping down into the low 60’s and even the high 50’s during the nighttime hours. With that in mind, you should remember that those nighttime temperatures are only getting cooler from here on out.

Even if you like to sleep in relatively chilly weather, now is a good time to schedule professional heating maintenance in Tampa, FL. It’s not so chilly that you’ll be put out by having your heater worked on, and heating technicians are more readily available than they’ll be when things start to cool off even further. Let the techs here at IERNA’s Heating & Cooling ensure that your heater is in prime working condition.

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When to Schedule Professional Duct Testing

Monday, November 9th, 2015

Despite being well into November, the heat is still quite intense throughout the day around here. We are certainly still running our air conditioners quite regularly, as we do for most of the year. If your air ducts are not distributing conditioned air throughout your home in an effective and efficient manner, it can prove to be quite problematic in this part of the country. Of course, the fact that your air ducts are largely hidden from view can make it rather difficult to detect problems with them. It’s not as though you can give them a simple visual inspection, over all. If you do suspect that you have a problem with the ductwork in your home, schedule professional duct testing in Tampa, FL with a member of the IERNA’s Heating & Cooling staff.

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When Is Professional Duct Cleaning Necessary?

Monday, November 2nd, 2015

Not every homeowner is going to need to schedule professional duct cleaning. However, those who do require duct cleaning must be sure to hire a professional to do the job. There is just no way in which a nonprofessional can hope to clean his or her air ducts in an effective and thorough manner. How, though, does one determine if his or her air ducts are in fact in need of cleaning? Doing so can be tricky, as you cannot simply peer into your ductwork in order to assess the condition within. There are plenty of warning signs which can indicate the need for professional duct cleaning in Tampa, FL, though. Keep an eye out, and contact IERNA’s Heating & Cooling if you suspect the need for duct cleaning in your home.

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