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Common Problems with Ductless Cooling Systems

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Ductless cooling systems have become very popular options for many homeowners, and while they are very durable and dependable systems, you may have to repair yours at some point. Some people worry that ductless systems may need more complicated repairs, but the truth is that ductless cooling repairs for your Trinity FL, home are going to be pretty similar to those of a traditional air conditioner, with a few small exceptions. However, no matter how small a problem with your ductless AC may seem, it’s important to always call for professional help. The trained experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling can help you with all your air conditioning repair needs, so if you are having problems with your ductless system, call us today!

Common Ductless AC Problems

Here are some of the more common problems our technicians see with ductless AC systems:

Compressor Issues

As with a traditional air conditioning system, the compressor for your ductless air conditioner resides in the outdoor cabinet with the condenser and condenser fan. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant in your AC system, so when the compressor isn’t working correctly, you are likely to see warm air blowing from your indoor blower instead of cool air. Compressors are complex and contain refrigerant, so it’s required that a person with training and the certification to handle refrigerant perform all work.

Problems with the Indoor Blower

Each indoor blower of a ductless cooling system contains a fan, a set of coils and a small air filter. Should anything malfunction with any of these components, the operation of the blower can be affected.

Problems with the Refrigerant or Condensate Drain Line

The indoor blowers of a ductless system connect to the outdoor unit via a conduit through an exterior wall that contains a power cord, a refrigerant line and a condensate drain line. Because the condensate and refrigerant lines can be rather long, they can sometimes be more prone to developing leaks or clogging.

Bi-annual maintenance can help prevent these issues from developing, but if you are experiencing problems with your ductless cooling system in Trinity, FL, don’t hesitate to call us for repair!

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How Does a Nest Thermostat Work?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Never before have there been so many choices when it comes to thermostats. You can choose from simple digital thermostats that allow for precise temperature-setting all the way to high-end smart thermostats that allow you to access them remotely. One such smart thermostat that is making a tremendous impact is the Nest thermostat. The Nest brand thermostats aren’t just digital, nor are they just accessible by wi-fi; these thermostats actually learn your heating and cooling patterns and create programs on their own to help improve your comfort and energy efficiency. The experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling can help you with Nest thermostat installation for your Tampa property, so call us today!

How It Works

Because the Nest thermostat is a learning thermostat, has a digital interface; it also has a wheel controller that allows you to make all the temperature adjustments you need. Once the Nest is installed you’ll download the Nest app on your smart device(s) to sync the thermostat and begin making adjustments. The controls are pretty in-depth; you can control things like the speed of your HVAC fan, set a humidistat or even program adjustments should sunlight shine on the Nest thermostat at a certain time of day. The Nest system will ask for your zip code so that it can sync with the outside weather for your particular area, and if you connect Nest to your GPS, it will know when you are coming and going and will provide heating and cooling accordingly. All information is communicated via encryption over secure networks, so you don’t have to worry about security breaches.


One of the biggest benefits the Nest thermostat offers is energy efficiency. It takes about a week for the thermostat to learn your patterns, but once it does, the device will be able to control your heating and cooling with incredible precision. Another benefit of the Nest thermostat is the convenience it offers. You won’t have to worry about constantly managing the thermostat anymore, especially once the Nest learns your patterns.

The Nest thermostat is truly a smart thermostat, and one that should only be installed by experts who can teach you how to effectively use the system.

The electrical experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling can help you with a new Nest thermostat installation for your Tampa home, so contact us today!

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What Constitutes the Need For an Emergency AC Call?

Friday, March 13th, 2015

It can sometimes be difficult to know when it’s time to place an emergency AC repair call for your Oldsmar, FL home, so the trained experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling have put together some examples of what would be considered an emergency need with your air conditioning:

Screeching Sound

There are two reasons your air conditioner may make a screeching sound, and one is far more serious than the other. The first, and less serious of the two reasons, is that a fan belt has become loose. The second, and more serious problem, is that your compressor is operating at dangerously high levels of pressure, which requires immediate shut-off and a repair appointment. However, diagnosing what is causing the screeching noise should always be left to experts, so if you hear this sound, shut down your system and call for help as soon as you can.

Burning Smell

A burning smell anywhere at any time is never a good sign, and it’s no different with your air conditioner. This kind of smell from you air conditioner typically indicates that an electrical problem has developed, and something has gotten so hot that it is melting. Should you detect a burning smell, turn your AC off immediately and call for service.

Popping or Buzzing Sound

Like a burning smell, a popping, buzzing or snapping sound also can indicate that an electrical problem has developed, and it’s important to turn off your AC and have it checked by an expert. It may be tempting to try and determine the issue yourself, but this is highly inadvisable. Your air conditioner is a complex electro-mechanical system, and locating and repairing an electrical problem takes training, expertise and experience.

No Air

If you have no air coming from your air conditioner, a multitude of things can be wrong, so it’s important to call for an expert right away.

Knowing when to call for emergency AC repair in Oldsmar, FL, is important for your home. If you need emergency AC service, call the people you can count on 24/7: Ierna’s Heating & Cooling.

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Reasons to Consider Whole-House Dehumidifiers

Friday, March 6th, 2015

It’s no secret that humidity is a big part of Florida weather, which is why having a good, reliable air conditioner is so important. However, even a new air conditioner can sometimes struggle with our humidity levels. If this is something you’ve seen in your Lutz home, you may want to consider the installation of a whole-house dehumidifier. A dehumidifier can help take the stress off your air conditioning system, but professional installation is the key. The air conditioning experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling have been helping customers in the Tampa area for over a decade, so if you are looking for a whole-home solution for your excess humidity, call us today!

Why Install a Whole-Home Dehumidifier?

There are a few reasons to consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier:


Do you have allergy sufferers in your home? Mold and mildew love excess humidity, because these contaminants thrive in moist environments, and unfortunately, they can seriously agitate allergy sufferers. Another contaminant that loves excess humidity is dust mites. Dust mites also thrive in moist environments. Allowing a whole-home dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture can help improve the comfort and health of you and your family, especially those who are allergic.


Humidity holds heat, which is why it feels sticky and uncomfortable both in the air and on your skin. When you combine humidity with air conditioning, you get a cold, clammy feeling instead of a cool, dry feeling. The whole reason to have whole-house air conditioning is to be comfortable during the summer months, so don’t let excess humidity deprive you of this comfort.

Preserve Wood and Other Products

Excess humidity can cause wood to rot, including wood inside your home, and mold and mildew to develop on furniture, linens, photos and other materials. If left to mold and/or rot, these products can be destroyed. Removing the excess humidity from the atmosphere helps preserve these items in your home.

Less Stress on Your AC

When there is excess moisture in the air, your AC has to work harder to achieve the set temperature on your thermostat. This is because when there is excess moisture in the air, your AC has to remove more heat and more moisture. A whole-house dehumidifier helps remove the excess moisture, taking this extra stress off your AC.

Excess humidity can cause a lot of problems for you, your family, your home and your AC system.

If you’d like to see what a whole-house dehumidifier can do for your home in Lutz, call the experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling today!

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