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Air Quality Tip: How Indoor Air Quality Devices Work with Your HVAC System

Monday, October 29th, 2012

Indoor air quality is not something that many people think about in Lutz. However, the EPA says that indoor air quality is one of the top 5 respiratory health concerns in the nation. Many people don’t realize that the air inside their home can actually be more polluted than the air outside. Without proper ventilation, humidity control and air cleaning, your air will continue to be dirty. If you’re not sure exactly how an indoor air quality control system would work with your AC system, we’ve put together a short description of how it works.

How Your Air Conditioning System Works

Most homes in Lutz have a traditional central air conditioning system. This system has an outdoor condensing unit that uses a refrigerant to remove heat from your home. The refrigerant is circulated through a series of evaporator coils inside the indoor air handler where a fan blows air across the cooled coils. The refrigerant in the coils strips the air of its heat and the air is pushed throughout the house via your ductwork.

Common Pollutants

The air we breathe is filled with all kinds of particles. These contaminants are classified into two categories: particulate matter and gaseous pollutants.  Particulate matter encompasses things like pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses, pet dander, smoke and dust.  Gaseous pollutants include tobacco smoke, vehicle exhaust, gasses from combustion of gas stoves and from the use of products like paints, varnishes, pesticides and cleaning products.

Types of Air Cleaners

Most air cleaners operate in-duct. This means that they are installed in your duct work or inside your air handler. Air cleaners can either trap the particles, using a filter or electrostatic attraction, or destroy them, as is the case with ultra-violet cleaners.

  • Particle Removal – Particle removal is normally accomplished by passing the air through a membrane that captures the particles. They can be flat or folded. These devices trap dust, pollen, some molds and pet dander. They come with a MERV rating that indicates which kind of particles it can trap. The higher the MERV rating, the more particles it will trap but the more restrictive it is to air flow. HEPA filters are a type of filter that are typically installed in medical facilities.
  • Pollutant Destruction – Some contaminants can’t be trapped and have to be destroyed. This is the case with some bacteria, viruses and mold spores. These have to be destroyed. This is accomplished by installing ultra-violet lights in your ductwork. While harmless to humans in small quantities, UV light is fatal to many kinds of bacteria and viruses.

If you have any questions about indoor air quality, call the experts at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling. We have years of experience offering outstanding indoor air quality services in Lutz. We’d love to talk with you.

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Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Contest | Tampa | Ierna's Heating and Cooling

OVERVIEW:  Fans can submit photos of their Ierna’s-inspired pumpkin carvings on Facebook or Twitter between Wednesday, October 24th at 8am ET, and Tuesday, October 30th at 5pm ET. Two winners will be selected based on creativity, originality and connection to Ierna’s Heating & Cooling. Each winner will win a family four-pack to Lowry Park Zoo’s Wild Wonderland.  Photos of their pumpkins will be featured on Facebook, Twitter and

ELIGIBILITY: Employees, officers, and directors (including immediate family members (spouse, parent, child and sibling and their respective spouses, regardless of where they reside) and members of the same household, whether or not related) of Ierna’s Heating and Cooling are not eligible to participate or win a prize.

HOW TO ENTER: A computer, or mobile device with Internet access, is required to participate in this Contest. Registration to become a member of either Facebook or Twitter is required, but registration is free.

A complete Facebook entry includes:

1. An original photo of your carved pumpkin

2. A brief description of the carved pumpkin and how it’s connected to Ierna’s Heating & Cooling

3. A valid email address

Visit –!/iernaair

A complete Twitter entry includes:

1. The link to an original photo of your carved pumpkin, available on public domain (ex. Twitpic, Lockerz, Yfrog, Photobucket, Flickr, etc.)

2. A brief description of the carved pumpkin and how it’s connected to Ierna’s Heating & Cooling

3. The @Ierna’s handle and #Halloween hashtag.

Visit –
Two photos will be selected as winners. The fans who submitted them will be notified by email (Facebook submissions) or direct message (Twitter submissions) and will be required to respond via a valid email address to confirm their eligibility.

No additional methods of entry will be accepted. There is no limit to the amount of submissions any person may submit.

No mechanically reproduced, illegible, forged, software generated, other automated or incomplete entries will be accepted. Contest entries will be deemed null and void and will be rejected if not submitted through authorized, legitimate channels. If a dispute as to the identity of any entrant cannot be resolved to Ierna’s satisfaction, the entry will be deemed ineligible. Entry must be made by the entrant, only in the manner as set forth herein. All other methods of entry are considered void.

All entries become the exclusive property of Ierna’s.  As permitted by law, each entrant agrees that personal information collected in connection with the Contest may be shared with Ierna’s to contact you regarding contest update; information; messages; and for other reasons via electronic and/or ordinary mail.


SELECTION: The winner(s) of the Contest will be selected by an Ierna representative(s). Selection will be based evenly on the following criteria:

1. Creativity of the pumpkin carving

2. Originality of the pumpkin carving

3. Connection of the pumpkin carving to Ierna’s Heating & Cooling

Each winner will win a family four-pack to Lowry Park Zoo’s Wild Wonderland, and the photos of their pumpkins will be featured on Facebook, Twitter and The decisions of Ierna’s are final and binding on all matters relating to this Contest. Odds of winning depend on the total number of eligible entries received.

The Prize is non-transferable and non-assignable, with no cash redemptions or substitutions except at Ierna’s sole and absolute discretion. Ierna’s reserves the right to substitute a prize (or portion thereof) with one of comparable or greater value, at its sole and absolute discretion.

Ierna’s reserve the right to remove or deny entry to winner and/or his/her guest(s) who engage(s) in a non-sportsmanlike or disruptive manner, or with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten or harass any other person.

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Heat Pump Guide: Benefits of Installing a New Heat Pump

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

If operating your Land O’ Lakes home’s heating or air conditioning system causes you concern about utility costs or environmental impact you may want to consider the installation of a new heat pump. Heat pumps offer you the ability to both heat and cool your home in an efficient, eco-friendly way. Here is some basic information about heat pumps from the Land O’ Lakes heating and air conditioning professionals at Ierna’s Heating and Cooling.

How a Heat Pump Works

Heat pumps work on the principle of heat transfer. This means that, rather than consume a fuel to create energy, they absorb ambient heat from the air, water or ground surrounding your home for use inside. Only a small amount of electricity is used in the heat transfer process, meaning that energy use is greatly reduced and utility bills along with it. The process is easily reversed, too, so you can use your heat pump to transfer heat outdoors from your home when temperatures are high.

Types of Heat Pumps

There are few different types of heat pumps. Air-source heat pumps absorb heat from the air for use in your home or transferal out of your home. Water source heat pumps take energy from or return it to the ground or water on your property. There are a number of factors to take into consideration before having any type of heat pump installed on your property. Not all types of heat pump installations may be available in your area, so be sure to do your research before deciding which is right for you.

Offset Purchase and Installation Costs

An air source heat pump installation from a qualified service provider such as Ierna’s Heating and Cooling  is a great choice for many homes. It all comes down to efficiency. A high-efficiency furnace will cost more than a lower efficiency model, and the same is true of home comfort systems in general. The fact of the matter is that you can offset the initial costs of your heat pump heating and cooling system by reducing energy consumption.

When you’re ready to start exploring your heat pump options, call the professionals at Ierna’s Heating and Cooling. We’ll help you decide if a heat pump is right for your Land O’ Lakes home.

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Heating Question: When is the Best Time for Furnace Maintenance?

Monday, October 15th, 2012

In order to keep your furnace working correctly it requires regular maintenance. But when is the best time to perform that maintenance? Is there a better time of year to perform maintenance on your furnace than another? We’ve put together our thoughts on this issue to give you a good starting place as you decide when you want to schedule maintenance on your Tampa heating system.

Spring Cleaning

Most contractors recommend getting your heating system serviced in the spring.  Spring is typically when you stop using your heating and begin to use your air conditioning. After a season of use, your heating system has probably developed some issues that can be immediately addressed before it goes out of use. Spring is also the off-season for heating companies so you can probably get a better deal on the service.

Late Fall Furnace Maintenance

One of the advantages of getting your furnace serviced is that you can fix any outstanding issues that are leftover from the previous winter. This can help make sure that your furnace runs efficiently for the upcoming Florida winter. It get pretty chilly!

If you’re interested in scheduling maintenance for your furnace in your Tampa home then call the experts at Ierna’s Heating and Cooling.

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Ierna’s Heating and Cooling Nominated for AFP’s National Philanthropy-Small Business of the Year!

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

October 2nd 2012

For Immediate Release:

Ierna’s Heating and Cooling has been nominated for AFP’s National Philanthropy-Small Business of the Year

Ierna’s Heating and Cooling is excited and honored to announce they have been nominated for the National Philanthropy- Small Business of the Year recognized by the Association of Fundraising Professionals. According to AFP’s website “The Suncoast chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals sponsors an annual National Philanthropy Day awards program to recognize the outstanding achievements of Tampa Bay’s individual, foundation and corporate philanthropists, fundraising volunteers and professional fundraising executives.” This is an honor for Ierna’s as it took someone to nominate us personally for this incredible award. We believe being involved and giving back to our community is of huge importance and we are so proud for it to have been recognized in this way. The 2012 celebration will take place on November 14 at a luncheon at the A La Carte Pavilion. We look forward in taking part in this and wish all of the nominees’ good luck! Other awards given this day include; Philanthropist of the Year, Philanthropic Corporation of the Year, Spirit of Philanthropy, Gayle Sierens Volunteer of the Year in Philanthropy, Philanthropic Service Organization of the Year, and Youth in Philanthropy. You can find more on this at

About Ierna’s Heating & Cooling

Ierna’s Heating & Cooling is a family owned and operated company located in Lutz, FL and services the Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas & Polk counties. Ron and Charlene Ierna have built a successful HVAC business by focusing on long term trusting relationships with their customers. Their motto, says it all, “IERNA Your Trust, IERNA Your Business”.

We also put a great emphasis on giving back to our local community! Ierna’s Heating & Cooling has built our business by creating long–term, lasting relationships with our customers as well as with our community. We are involved in the Central Pasco Chamber, the West Pasco Chamber, Dade City Chamber, Pasco-Hernando Hispanic Chamber as well as the Wesley Chapel Chamber of Commerce.

Ierna’s Heating & Cooling is an extremely proud sponsor of local area charitable organizations such as, American Cancer Society, Big Brother’s Big Sisters, Meals on Wheels, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, The Spring and many more.

We hope you give us an opportunity to Ierna you Trust – Ierna your Business. Please contact us with any questions you may have. For any and all of your indoor air comfort and air quality needs, call the Tampa Bay area’s premier A/C contractor, Ierna’s Heating & Cooling. Stay connected with Ierna’s Heating & Cooling on Facebook at or follow us on twitter at

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Heating and Cooling Tip: Reasons You Should Consider a Bryant Furnace

Monday, October 8th, 2012

When you’re considering replacing your old furnace in your Tampa home, there are many different brands that you can consider. Bryant has been manufacturing high quality furnaces for many years and has three different lines of products for any budget size. We’ve put together some benefits of buying from Bryant that you can consider as you decide which furnace is right for you.

3 Lines of Furnaces

Bryant offers three distinct lines of furnaces for your home. From the entry-level Legacy line, to the Preferred line and, finally, the incredible Evolution line, Bryant has a furnace to match your home size and your budget size.


Bryant furnaces are manufactured to their high standards and are top quality. Bryant has been making furnaces for over 100 years and have built a name for themselves by making a product that people can trust.


The efficiency of furnaces is measured by an AFUE rating (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) which measures the percentage of fuel that the furnace actually converts into heat over an entire season. The entry-level Bryant Legacy furnaces have an average AFUE rating of 80%. Bryant’s Preferred line also offers an 80% AFUE rating but also include variable speed fans which allow the furnace to conserve energy when the outside air temperature is not very cold. Bryant’s Evolution line boasts an impressive 96.6% AFUE rating, variable speed fans, humidity control and much more.

If you’re interested in learning more about Bryant or if you just have general heating or furnace questions, don’t hesitate to call the Tampa heating professionals at Ierna’s Heating & Cooling.

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Top Installation Technicians Needed

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

HVAC Jobs | Lutz | Ierna's Heating & CoolingIerna’s Heating & Cooling, the largest Bryant dealer in the state has immediate openings for highly skilled installation technicians. We offer a premium pay rate, vacation, health/dental benefits, AFLAC, Life Insurance, annual Lowry Park Zoo passes, entry into the Florida Aquarium, company vehicle and a company phone.  Candidate MUST be EPA certified, NATE certified is preferred but not required, must have at least 2 years of experience, a valid driver’s license, a clean criminal background and tools of the trade. We are an equal opportunity employer and support a drug free work place. Please submit all resumes to or feel free to complete an application at 19121 US Highway 41 N., Lutz, FL 33549.

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Air Conditioning Guide: Benefits of Mr. Slim Ductless System

Monday, October 1st, 2012

One of the long time problems Tampa homeowners without space for ductwork have had is air conditioning. Homes that are either too small or built in such a way that they cannot support ductwork and a central air conditioning system are often cooled with window or standalone units that not only offer incomplete cooling but can cost much more to operate over the course of a full summer. That’s why we have long been proud to offer the Mr. Slim ductless mini split air conditioning system from Mitsubishi to our customers – a full blown alternative to central air that is affordable to install and operate.

 Specific Benefits of Mr. Slim

To start, the Mr. Slim ductless system can be installed in any home. Whether you have a  fully-finished attic without ductwork or your entire home lacks ductwork, a ductless system can be installed in any space. Not only that, but you can have multiple indoor units installed, allowing you to cool different parts of your home with different thermostats – providing greater control and reducing the overall cost of comfort control.

Beyond actually being able to install and use air conditioning throughout your Tampa home, the Mr. Slim system provides exceptional efficiency ratings, often at or above 20 SEER – which few central system can match. Combined with what amounts to a zone control system, you can keep your bills much lower.

Finally, the Mr. Slim ductless mini split air conditioning system also provides heating during the cooler winter months, allowing you to either replace or supplement the heating system in your home with the same condenser based system you use for cooling.

There are a lot of reasons why you might consider having a ductless system like Mitsubishi’s Mr. Slim installed in your Tampa home – from cost to compatibility to heating benefits. If you’re interested in any of them, give Ierna’s Heating & Cooling a call to learn more.

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