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Support Tony’s Battle

This is Tony. Like many others, Tony suffers from that awful six letter word: CANCER. 

Tony is 38 years old, and began his battle with Colon Cancer four short years ago in 2012. Tony began treatments as soon as he was diagnosed and the initial prognosis was good. To all appearances Tony beat it and went into remission. But, it wouldn’t last long.

In 2014, during a routine Cancer checkup, three new spots were found; one behind his heart & lungs making it completely inoperable, and two in his colon/stomach area. Tony immediately sought treatment through Moffitt, but was told there was nothing that could be done. His cancer is at Stage IV, inoperable and treatments are simply prolonging the inevitable.

For most people, this would signal the end and depression would ensue… NOT TONY! Tony is the most courageous person we know. He went for a 2nd opinion, and although this doctor agreed, Tony was eligible to take part in a clinical study to help shrink the cancer. And Tony has done just that ever since.

Through all of these trials, Tony has never lost the things which have touched so many hearts – his positive personality, sense of humor and his drive to SURVIVE! Tony comes to work every, single, day – has never once called in sick. Even with a chemo port in his chest, and these medications strapped to his waist, he is still here. Never once has Tony complained. Never once has he asked for a hand out even with his mounting medical bills. No. Tony asks if there is MORE WORK that could be performed. His mindset is simply amazing!

We’re pretty sure there have been bad days for Tony, in which he simply doesn’t feel good or is in pain. We’re also sure 99% of other people would have called in sick to work, but Tony hasn’t. He works every day with a smile on his face.

Tony is a husband and father of two young children and these three beings are his driving force. He works every day to earn as much as he can to support his family. He doesn’t want his wife, who already works two jobs to help make ends meet, to have to do more. Even though he doesn’t say it or complain, this weighs heavy on his shoulders and supporting his family is his main concern.

When Tony was told his work family at IERNA’s Heating & Cooling ALL wanted to pull together and raise enough funds so that neither Tony or his wife would ever have to worry again, Tony’s response was “Thank you and I really appreciate it, but there are other people out there who need it more”. THAT is the kind of person Tony is and THAT is why he deserves it!

There is no magic cure in Tony’s future. There is no surgery that can reverse this damage. His only hope now is to keep it contained long enough to enjoy as much life as he can. Tony is, quite frankly, an inspiration to us all.

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